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My Printer Enclosure.

Quite quickly after getting a 3D printer for the first time you realise a few things if you can't place it in a garage. Firstly it makes noise, which is kind of a given as it has moving parts, and with prints easily taking over 12+ straight hours you wouldn't want this running in, or next to a bedroom if it is inside the house. For the most part it's a fairly low rumble unless you are printing large flat areas then it can kick up a lot more going back and forth repeatedly.

Secondly certain filaments can create an odour when being printed. I primarily print in PLA as it is fairly cheap, easy to print with and gives great results for the sort of things I print. The odour for PLA is not considered toxic, but should still be printed in an enclosure or well ventilated area. Other filaments can become more toxic and care should be given before printing. More information on: 3D Printer Fumes: How bad for you are they? - 3D Insider

I currently live a 3 bed house with no garage so the above issues are quite clear why I wanted to buy an enclosure. A 3D printer enclosure surrounds the printer to contain any odour and ideally reduce noise. A really common and fairly cheap option is buying an IKEA LACK table, printing connectors and using plexiglass to fill the gaps. An example with more detailed guide can be found at: Ikea Lack 3D Printer Enclosure: All You Need to Know | All3DP

I wanted to buy a complete enclosure and having looked at a few companies I found TUKKARI who make specialised enclosures for specific printers and purchased their TLX model which includes clear acrylic sheets for three walls and the top, a HEPA filter on the rear with an option to add a standard 120mm PC fan and 2 melamine panels. It has splits for power cable and filament entry and a large door to easily access the printer. This enclosure has massively reduced the odour whilst printing (even without the additional fan) and the noise has been reduced slightly as well. Finally I added a rechargeable LED light bar inside to see my prints clearer. It charges over micro-USB and can be left plugged in if you have a spare plug nearby. Link: (Affiliate link) Overall I am very happy with my purchases for this and will be looking at purchasing again if I get any more printers.

Images: TUKKARI TLX enclosure (left), my Prusa Mini inside the completed enclosure (right).

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